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Wire harness
Vehicle harness ABS harnessVehicle harness ABS harness
Original line
fuse box,Intelligent electrical box
Plastic parts
Terminal and sheath,Fixings
Raw material
Intelligent electrical box for automotive electronic products
Harness equipment
Wire harness production line
  HaoDa Auto Parts (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd is A professional study of the production of automotive wiring harness of private enterprises, was founded in 1998, with the development of the Geely Group and growing; within a few years, governments at all levels and relevant departments to help support, the rapid development of enterprises, the company in 2016 the output value reached 1000000000 yuan, employing more than 500 people, has a SINGCHEER wire extruding machine, small Si, KM and KOMAX automatic cutting crimping machine and wire harness assembling production line, equipped with a variety of wire harness computers to improve the detection equipment,....
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